Privacy Policy is committed to ensuring that your data and privacy is protected. The given policy describes and illustrated the measures that are taken to safeguard the information and data that you are providing us when signing up for the newsletter and using the website.

By using the website and signing up for the newsletter, you grant the right to use your personal information. The given information will be used to improve and personalise your experience on the site.

We would like to mention that GDPR compliant third parties handle all the data that are stored in the name of our company, no private information is stored by Jackpot Palace (or any directly associated companies) directly. The company does not own any servers for data storage, but rents this service from a third party, who is in charge of storing and protecting your information.

Information Collected

Through your visit to the site and signing up for our newsletter at can collect the following information:

1. Personal information that you submit when signing up for the newsletter such as email. Please note that you freely allocate this information, so, you can take full advantages of the website’s facilities;

2. Data collected through satisfaction surveys and competitions such as email. Records of correspondence and studies for reference for solving similar issues that might occur and developing relevant guides;

3. Information regarding your website visit/s such as, but not limited to location, traffic data and other data related to the users’ interaction with the site;

4. Technical data such as internet protocol address, not used by us directly, but through Google Analytics;

5. Marketing and Communication data heads your preferences in receiving marketing materials from our third parties and us;

Overall data security

Jackpot Palace has implemented the necessary technical, digital and infrastructural security measures through its physical IT teams and GDPR compliant storage facilities against loss, misuse and damage to your information.

Disclosure of personal data, security, and storage of information

Jackpot Palace does not trade personal information of their users, only with your permission, or under the following exceptions:

– This information is provided to trusted third party companies, under strict confidentiality agreements. These companies do not have the right to distribute your information. Examples of such companies are e-mail delivery systems. In case of legal actions and only in the existence of a court order.

– In case of targeted advertising, we might use the data accumulated to personalise the campaigns. The advertiser will assume that you meet the criteria to be included and has your approval by interacting with the website.

User rights and access to their data

Newsletters and personal data

We use a third party service provider to collect and store email addresses. This provider is known as Aweber. Additionally, Aweber stores the IP address for location purposes only. As a subscriber to the newsletter, you may unsubscribe or opt-out for the permanent deletion of your information from the database. For more information regarding your data privacy with Aweber can be found under Aweber’s Privacy Policy.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you grant us the right to send you daily updates and promotional materials. This is the sole purpose for which your information is collected and used for. As mentioned above to opt-out from the newsletters you can do this by clicking the unsubscribe button found at the bottom of every email received. You can unsubscribe or request the permanent deletion from the database also by sending us an email at with the title: “Please unsubscribe me from the newsletter/ Please delete my data.” Please note that it will take up to 30 days for your request to be processed.

In case of an acquisition or merger, the users’ information collected by Jackpot Palace will be transferred. However, users will be informed if any changes to the privacy policy will occur Jackpot Palace stores your IP address, web browser details, the accessed page and time of the access on a secure server located in United Kingdom. Aweber in the USA stores your email and other information acquired through the newsletter subscription.

Aweber is a GDPR compliment company. All the data collected through email is stored and handled by them.

As user and member of Jackpot Palace you can ask us to:

– Confirm that we are processing your personal data

– Provide you with a copy of the data we have

– Provide you with information on what data we have, what we use it for, if we transfer it inside or outside the EU, whether we use secure protocol transfer, what rights you have, where you can submit a complain and where we got your data from.

You have the right to ask for any rectification, deletion or exclusion of your personal data at any given point in time. Any request can take up to 30 days to process.

Conflict resolution

It is your right to file a complaint with the responsible local supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data. However, we advise you to take the issue and seek a resolution to any question you might have with us, although you have the right to contact a supervisory authority at any time. We will always prioritise any request and provide feedback within 72 hours.

Disclosure of personal data to third-parties

Data privacy is a serious matter, and we take pride in protecting the data you share with us, for that reason alone we make sure that we chose third-party providers that have a good reputation in protecting your data.

– The site does not share, trade, disclose or transfer any personal data. An exception being the providers mentioned in our terms and condition, the cookie policy and policy document.

– Due to the nature of the e-business sector, we do need to partners with third-party providers for our marketing services, email campaigns, and analytics

– Jackpot Palace reserves the right to share data about the use of the site, traffic and sales and others statistical information relating to the site with third parties without sharing your identity

– The site might provide your information to affiliates or related companies for legitimate business purposes. Examples of such are newsletters that users have opted in for bonus and promotional materials

– In the event of merger or sale of the site, we may transfer all recorded personal and non-personal information to all relevant third-parties. In the case of such event the site take the responsibility to inform its users about the eventual changes in privacy policy

– We do not offer any warranty against the use of your information by third parties, as we do not hold any control over them and their actions


A cookie is a small piece of data from a website which asks permission to be placed on your hard drive. Once you agree to the placement of the cookie on your hard drive, it starts collecting data used to analyze traffic or keeps track of when you visited a particular site. The purpose of it is to tailor the operation to your needs through data gathered and remembered your patterns and preferences.

Jackpot Palace uses traffic log, authentication and tracking cookies. The traffic log cookies are used to identify which pages are preferred that helps identify patterns in the traffic on the website and update and further develop our website to your needs. Authentication cookies are used by Jackpot Palace to identify whether a user is logged in or not and with which account (where and when applicable). This has the role in facilitating the login process and determining whether or when to allow access to sensitive information.

Tracking cookies or third-party tracking cookies are used to compile more information about the user from other third-party sources that the user might be associated with.

You may block or delete from this site at any time by the user by clearing your cookies in the browser or altering your privacy settings in your browser.

The time each cookie last on the site varies from a few minutes to a few months. The cookies found on the website as mentioned above are related to development and tools that enhance the user experience on the site. Jackpot Palace confirms that none of the information collected is stored by third parties that are GDPR compliant and respect all the legal requirements. For reference, cookies on this site are used in relation to the following providers:

– WordPress

– Aweber

– Google Analytics

Child Protection

Jackpot Palace has very strong policies around the protection of children. The design of the website has been developed according to the requirements of the strict UKGC regulation with regards to the display of the bonuses present of the site, exclusion of any childish characters and exclusion of any free game previews or demos. In addition, we refer to the following information:

– Jackpot Palace is an online gambling information portal thus none of its content, product, services are appropriated or targeted to children under the age of 18 as the relevant gambling age in the UK.

– The site does not knowingly collect data from underage children if it is discovered that some of the data collected belongs to a minor its access will be removed immediately.

– The site does not bear any responsibility for actions taken by children under the legal gambling age based on the marketing material, content found on the site and application. We only work with responsible gambling partners and rely on them to complete relevant KYC screening.

Updates to the privacy policy

In case of any changes that might occur to the privacy policy, Jackpot Palace will notify and inform all the users about the alterations by placing a prominent notice on the site.